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Keith Farrelle Cozart, better known by his stage name Chief Keef, is an American rapper, singer, songwriter, and record producer. His music first became popular during his teen years in the early 2010s among high school students from Chicago’s South Side. 

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Chief Keef Quotes

“Sosa Chamberlain, ball like I’m Ben Gordon.”

“I’m ridin’ through the city, they call me Batman.”

“Bang, bang, that’s the sound I make when I shoot you.”

“I’m cooler than a cooler.”

“These bitches love Sosa.”

“I be Gucci’d down, you wearing Lacoste and shit.”

“Rollin’ up that broccoli, shout out to my health.”

“300 on my ass, that’s Chief Sosa.”

“I can’t trust none of these bitches, they too fake.”

“I’m the black young Martha Stewart, man.”

“Baby mama wanna ball, tell her she gon’ have to fall.”

“I’m ridin’ through the city with a double cup.”

“I’m riding foreign cars, I’m pushing stolen bikes.”

“Money callin’, yeah I hear it, talkin’ ’bout where you gon’ be tomorrow.”

“They hate us, ’cause they ain’t us.”

“I be going crazy, I be off them beans.”

“I got the mac, I got the tec, I got the 9.”

Famous Quotes By Chief Keef

“I ain’t got no patience, but I got a lot of pay, bitch.”- Chief Keef

“I just love countin’ up my guap, I might throw it all away.”

“I’m high as hell, I’m high as fuck, I’m high as hell, I’m high as fuck.”
“Ballin’ hard like I’m in the NBA.”

“I’m cooler than a cooler, bring your bitch to me, I’ll do her.”

“Catch a opp, bet I gun him down.”

“Money long, speakers loud, watch my seats go up and down.”

“I’m gettin’ money, I’m up now, I’m with the gang, so what now?”

“Everywhere I go, my hammer right with me.”

“I’m geeked up off them bars, I don’t need no lean.”

“All these bitches love Sosa, hit the strip club, tip her.”

“I was thirteen with the MAC, with the MAC, bitch I’m strapped.”

“Ridin’ round with that Nina, ridin’ round with that heater.”

“I just bought a Bentley, I don’t need no features.”

“I be getting money, can’t you tell by how I walk?”

“Fucked up off that liquor, I ain’t drunk, I’m tired as fuck.”

“I’m a trending topic, lil’ bitch, I’m popular.”

“Keep that 40 Glock, I ain’t tryna box.”

“Loud in my lungs, I ain’t tryna hear the opps.”

“I be counting cash, I be smoking gas.”

Inspirational Chief Keef Quotes

“I’m ridin’ through the city, they call me Batman.”
This quote can be interpreted as a metaphor for being a protector or hero in one’s own life or community.

“I’m cooler than a cooler, bring your bitch to me, I’ll do her.”
While the initial message is brash, the line might encourage self-confidence and assertiveness.

“I’m gettin’ money, I’m up now, I’m with the gang, so what now?”
This line could symbolize a sense of empowerment and rising above challenges.

“Ballin’ hard like I’m in the NBA.”
This quote could be seen as a metaphor for giving your all and excelling in whatever you do.

“Money long, speakers loud, watch my seats go up and down.”
This line might be taken as a symbol of enjoying the fruits of your labor and taking pride in your achievements.

Motivational Chief Keef Quotes

“I came from nothing, now I’m something.”

“Started from the bottom, now we up.”

“I had to grind hard to shine hard.”

“Survival of the fittest, I had to make it through.”

“Life’s a journey, and I’m on my path.”

“Turning pain into power, I rise above.”

“I faced adversity, but I never gave up.”

“Every obstacle I overcome makes me stronger.”

“No looking back, I’m pushing forward.”

“I control my destiny, I make my own way.”

“From the struggle to the success, that’s my story.”

“I hustle for my dreams, I hustle for a better life.”

“I keep my eyes on the prize, ain’t no distraction.”

“Chasing my goals, no matter the odds.”

“I learned from my mistakes, now I’m moving forward.”

Lyrics Chief Keef Quotes

“I hate being sober, I’m a smoker.”

“I don’t like to think, I just drink.”

“I be cooling with my youngins, and we thuggin.”

“I was young, wild, and reckless.”

“A lot of n****s changed, but I’m still the same.”

“I don’t talk to strangers, only to the money.”

“I be ballin’ so hard, they think I’m Michael Jordan.”

“Got a lot of tattoos, I might get some more.”

“My whole squad flexing, we don’t do no stressing.”

“Sippin’ on this lean, it got me moving slow.”

“Foreign cars, switch lanes, you can’t keep up.”

“I be riding through the city, windows down, blowing loud.”

“Money long like extension cords.”

“Counting bands, stacking stacks, that’s a fact.”

“Got a pocket full of hunnids, middle finger to the haters.”

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